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Manilva, January 30th 2019

Dear neighbors:

The reason for this letter is to inform to you that a group of neighbors has created an “Alcorrín-La Chullera Neighborhood Association” with the goals to achieve and organize a series of sport, cultural and social activities. It is important to know that we are working to present our community to the public administration and claim the solution about some problems that affect all of us.

The name of the association is AA.VV. Alcorrín-La Chullera, named after the area of influence of the same, which ranges from Los Hidalgos-Los Granados to the limit with the province of Cadiz.

A small resume of our association from the beginning:

  • October 2017: The founding members meet to approve the Statutes and elect the Board of Directors, from which the corresponding record of Founding Act (minutes) was made.
  • During 2018: The association got the Registration in the “Andalusia Register of Associations board” and subsequently in the “Town Registry of Associations of Manilva” has also been approved. In that way, the association is fully legalized with all the rights and duties that this entails.
  • Activities: The association has carried out some activities with the participation of the members, and last December 8 we celebrated the first General Assembly, in which a “Claiming Platform” was approved (document attached).

At present:

  • The Association has 35 members, and many interested neighbors.
  • The association has a Facebook account that can be found under the name of AAVV Alcorrin-chullera.
  • Our email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Do not hesitate to contact us to register in the association or ask for any further information you may need.

Finally, it is imperative to increase the number of Members to be able to organize sports, social or cultural activities. This way will help that the Manilva municipal administration to take this zone into account and treat us in the same way as other areas of Manilva, since we pay the same taxes and fees like the rest.

Best regards,


  • Request the cleaning and remove of all debris of all those areas surroundings of all the urbanizations. This point is very important and necessary to avoid the risk of fire.
  • Demand to the City Council for provide the essential services (cleaning, public lighting, etc...) that now are being provided by the urbanistic entities.
  • Demand to the City Council for the proper functioning of public services in all this area of Manilva (which Manilva administration do not always do as it should do).
  • Request the installation of a “pedestrian bridge” on the road, at the “La Paloma” entrance area (near the roundabout).
  • Request also the “cleaning services” on the coastal path and the beaches areas of “La Chullera” (often full of garbage).